The Valencia Boat Show presents different ways of sailing

by | Oct 31, 2022

  • Bicycles with foils, underwater drones, mooring reservation applications and a wide range of ports, marinas, destinations and solutions to enjoy nautical tourism.
  • Boats that can be operated with the “titulín”, a powerful attraction for visitors

The Valencia Boat Show, the Valencian boat show which this year celebrates its 14th edition in La Marina de València, combines the dual purpose of being a professional event of reference in the nautical sector and bringing sailing and its sports closer to the general public. During its first four days, the event has received numerous visitors, both users and connoisseurs of the sector, as well as hundreds of curious visitors who have been able to get closer to the world of sailing.

Boats for sailing only with the “titulín” (certificate)
For those who are new to sailing but do not yet have the PNB (Basic Navigation Skipper) or PER (Recreational Boat Skipper) qualifications, boats of less than 6 metres in length are of particular interest, as they can all be operated with just the “titulín” or Navigation Licence.

“There are those who take their licence in the morning and buy a boat in the afternoon,” says Pablo Sendra, from Náutica Marina Alta, who is exhibiting the 600 Open and 600 SD models from Astilux, both under 6 metres.

This year’s Valencia Boat Show has a wide range of boats on offer “suitable for licence holders”, many of them of national manufacture. This is the case of the Nuva M6 from Nuva Yachts; the Koper 19 from Lema Boats and the Versus V20 and 630 Sundeck models, from the Galician company Nautipol 7 Mares, presented by Náutica by Perelló, as well as the Cattleya X6, built in Santa Pola and distributed by Boats Mak 365.

Along the same lines, visitors to the Valencia Boat Show will also be able to see first-hand the QuickSilver 605 Open and 625 Pilothouse models from Navaltec, as well as the Pacific Craft 545 presented by Nautica Aza, all of which are suitable for sailing licences.

In addition to the large fleet of new boats and novelties, the Valencian boat show also offers different options for sailing, such as chartering – the rental of recreational boats – with companies such as QuickSail, Rumbo Norte or Navega y Comparte, or sailing clubs, such as Freedom Boat Club or Saudade Sailing Club, which, for a fixed monthly fee, allow the use of the boats.

Sports such as windsurfing, surfing and rowing also had a privileged space in Espai La Marina de València, which hosted workshops for the whole family, talks and meetings.

Surprising devices for sailing
As every year, gadgets, applications and original devices for sailing the sea also have their place at the Valencia Boat Show.

One of the products that is surprising visitors the most is the first bicycle with hydrofoils, capable of riding on water. This is the New Zealand Manta 5, which this year is launching its new model, the Hydrofoiler SL3. The exclusive distributor of this innovative aquatic vehicle, Salty Cycling, has created the first hydrofoiler cycling club in the world, SaltyCyclingClub, as well as the first individual and team race, and offers demonstrations every day next to Tinglado 2 of La Marina de València.

MoveSea presents underwater drones such as the Navbow, a drone capable of diving up to 30 metres, portable diving systems and a foil board that can be operated by remote control, which were already a great success at the last edition of the show.

Nautical applications that facilitate the management of ports and marinas, from supplying boats to reserving moorings, will also be present at the València event. This is the case of Metarina, the mooring booking tool that puts sailors in contact with the world’s leading marinas, or SEArch, a platform that provides information on the availability of moorings in real time, automating the booking process.

A firm commitment to nautical tourism
The importance of nautical tourism as a specific weight in the sector is also evident in the range of destinations, ports and marinas on offer at the Valencia Boat Show.

The three main docks in Valencia – La Marina de Valencia, the Real Club Náutico de Valencia and Valencia Mar – have a privileged space at the event. La Marina de València, which co-organises the show together with Feria Valencia and the Unión de Empresas Náuticas, is offering a full programme of activities in its Espai La Marina de València area, where it will be showcasing its moorings, innovation, culture and commitment to sustainability.

For its part, Valencia Mar, which is once again a sponsor of the event, has a meeting point with a foodtrack where it will be showcasing its facilities and range of moorings and activities, while the Real Club Náutico de Valencia has organised free sailing trips over the weekend to publicise its sailing school, which have attracted dozens of participants.

The Region of Valencia also presented its nautical tourism offer, as well as the Portuguese Alentejo and the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, which presented its 16 sustainable marinas. Finally, companies such as Equiport, Viltec and Dylan Marinas are presenting solutions for marinas and marinas.