In Valencia Boat Show

La Marina de València.

Valencia Boat Show offers you the opportunity
of showcasing your products in a unique environment.
La Marina de València is the biggest public marina
in Spain, home of two editions of the America’s Cup.

What does the show offer you?

· Competitive rates both in exhibition and accommodation and catering.
· The possibility of carrying out sea trials with the boats.
· A festival of the sea: we have a strategic combination of a professional area and an area open to the public.
· 22,300 visitors in the last edition + 10,000 attendees to the concerts of the Festa Aniversari of La Marina de València.
· High conversion rate, 95% of satisfied exhibitors.
· An open, affordable and well connected city.
· Statistics of good weather throughout the year.
· La Marina de València, a strategic point for sailing and innovation in the sector.

The Valencia Boat Show offers you the possibility of testing the boats at sea before buying them.

We are the last boat show of the autumn circuit, an event where decisions are made, and boats are bought with a high conversion rate.


We have a communications and comprehensive marketing campaign
focused on a nautical-user target audience.



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